Nov 10, 2023
One Ocean Summit 2023 - third edition
November 16 - the third edition of the event dedicated to the sea and the younger generation is back in Milan

In line with its educational projects, the third edition of the event dedicated to the ocean One Ocean Summit Young will be held on November 16th at the Franco Parenti Theater with the participation of high school students from Milan and its province and local youth associations. The yougsters are invited to undertake a narrative journey along the water paths and its essential presence in our lives and its journey from the heart of the city to the sea.

Through the voices of witnesses and experts, we will address the need for a holistic understanding to address and resolve the challenges that threaten the health of marine ecosystems. We will discuss the importance of water in its multiple roles and we will lift the veil on the insidious journey of urban pollution, which finds its way to the waters, with the aim of raising awareness and inspiring concrete actions for its protection.

Milan, which has always been considered a city of water with its waterways that once crossed the city centre, represents a first significant example of the close connection between urban actions and their impact on the condition of the oceans.

One Ocean Summit YOUNG therefore aims to strengthen this awareness in those who will be called to face tomorrow's environmental challenge but also to inspire them on how the sea and the blue economy can become an opportunity for human and professional growth.

The Summit will see the presence of authoritative voices from the environmental and educational panorama: Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Education of Milan, Pietro Raitano, head of "Centrale dell'Acqua" of Milan, Monica Montefalcone, university researcher, the Olympic sailing champion Katja Salskov-Iversen and Daniele Cassioli, paralympic athlete. The interventions will be led by the moderator Massimo Temporelli, TV personality and science communicator, who will involve students in an open dialogue to understand the importance of the future of the sea and the crucial role they can have in its conservation.

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