May 31, 2021
The fruitful partnership with Fast and Furio sailing team is continuing.
Fast and Furio sailing team has presented its sports program, whereof One Ocean foundation is the sustainability partner.

The Fast and Furio sailing team, led by skipper and One Ocean Foundation’s ambassador Furio Benussi, pilots the most efficient boat among those currently existing in the Mediterranean, the Maxi 100’ Arca Sgr, competing with Adriatic Yacht Club and Yacht club de Monaco’s colours.

The team, besides winning regattas, has always distinguished itself for its sensibility towards the safeguard of the sea as well as for social initiatives for the least fortunate, starting in 2018 an effective collaboration aiming at spreading to new generations One Ocean Foundation’s mission.

During a live streaming press conference, together with some of the leading personalities of Milan headquarters of Arca Fondi Sgr, it has been presented the 2021 sporting calendar, in which the Fast and Furio sailing team will be the main character already since May 30 th with its participation in the open water regatta 151 Miglia, in the Tuscan archipelago, which will be followed by the renowned Rolex Giraglia.
Along with One Ocean Foundation’s accessory activity of spreading its mission, starting from the current year the team has defined two members who will perform the role of Ecological Responsible – RECO, an idea conceived by One Ocean Foundation’s Ambassador Alberto Leghissa – in regattas as well as in ground operations, with the purpose of granting the complete execution of the best practices which minimize the impact on the environment, to be respectful to the ocean.

Riccardo Bonadeo, One Ocean Foundation’s executive vice-president

“Being a sailor, I am glad to notice that our entire world is still in the front line and is concretely contributing to the diffusion of One Ocean Foundation’s message. Our Foundation keeps growing and expanding its activity in multiple directions, and I am proud of Furio Benussi and his team for the inexhaustible energy and effort they put in the protection of the sea, mainly referring to new generations which will have the inheritance of our planet.”‍ - Riccardo Bonadeo, One Ocean Foundation’s executive vice-president
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