May 3, 2023
How can the private sector impulse blue economy initiatives
As climate and ocean-related issues keep growing, there is an opportunity for the private sector to invest and help alleviate these issues

During the 10th annual World Ocean Summit, experts discuss the importance of the private sector’s involvement in sustainable blue economy initiatives to achieve overall global climate and biodiversity goals and increase companies’ profit and investment opportunities.
As almost all businesses depend on the ocean at some point in their value chain, not acting on measurement could disrupt companies and communities worldwide. Luckily, the private sector is starting to hear scientists' warnings while also paying attention to evolving climate financial regulation that requires and rewards transparent, sustainable investing.

Understanding the role of the ocean into an organisation's business model is key to developing a corporate strategy focused on ocean-related targets that could attract investment, including younger financiers seeking bankable sustainable and ethical projects.
Furthermore, achieving a sustainable blue economy requires new thinking and partnerships, particularly across different levels of financial institutions, to ensure that blue finance reaches the people on the ground and the small- and medium-scale enterprises.

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