Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to accelerate solutions to Ocean issues by inspiring international leaders, institutions, companies, and people promoting a sustainable blue economy and enhancing ocean knowledge through ocean literacy.

Our Projects
Blue Economy
One Ocean Foundation invests on innovative researches regarding relationship between ocean ecosystems and the business world.
Environmental Projects
One Ocean Foundation is engaged in multiple conservation and research activities to increase knowledge and promote the protection of marine ecosystems.
Educational Projects
In line with One Ocean Foundation's values of Knowledge, Awareness and Impact we provide access to informative contents, opportunities to meet and experiences at sea for all the people that want to take action for the preservation of our Blue Planet.


Stay up to date with our latest publications, insights and scientific articles on ocean related issues.
Business for Ocean Sustainability
1st Edition: Focus on the Mediterranean

This report is focused on how companies can contribute to the sustainability of the Mediterranean Sea. The research extends the traditional boundaries of analysis in order to include not only the direct, but also the indirect pressures determined by production and consumption activities on marine and coastal ecosystems.

Business for Ocean Sustainability
2nd Edition: A Global Perspective

This report broadens the perspective of our analysis and contributes to better understanding global trends with regard to ocean-based sectors and other inland industries. It involves international companies, which together account for about 50% of total market capitalization and analyzes how they act in terms of environmental sustainability. The research maps their level of awareness and action on issues related to the preservation of marine environments.

Business for Ocean Sustainability
3rd Edition: Focus On the Fashion Industry

This study deep-dives into a specific industrial sector: the fashion industry. It uses an in-depth analysis of the sustainability reports of 28 major fashion companies. The report offers a snapshot of the fashion industry’s main pressures on the environment and, more specifically, on marine ecosystems, and provides a clear view of sustainable best practices along the value chain.


Ocean Tales

A concentration of up-to-date and objective knowledge on various ocean topics such as Blue economy, Marine Pollution, Global Warming and Ocean Literacy. We select scientific articles, news and journal articles to keep our community updated on the latest news on the marine ecosystem.

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