Tu sei Oceano.
June 8 - 12 2023

One Ocean Foundation renews the celebration of World Oceans Day 2023 with the second edition of One Ocean Week Milano.

A week dedicated to the ocean with events, meetings, and educational workshops to explain the extraordinary value of marine ecosystems and the fundamental role each of us plays in protecting them, even from the cities.

The aim is to raise awareness on issues related to the sustainable blue economy and the protection of the ocean through the active involvement of citizens to improve knowledge of this natural heritage.

Our Projects
Blue Economy
One Ocean Foundation invests on innovative researches regarding relationship between ocean ecosystems and the business world.
Environmental Projects
One Ocean Foundation is engaged in multiple conservation and research activities to increase knowledge and promote the protection of marine ecosystems.
Educational Projects
In line with One Ocean Foundation's values of Knowledge, Awareness and Impact we provide access to informative contents, opportunities to meet and experiences at sea for all the people that want to take action for the preservation of our Blue Planet.


Stay up to date with our latest publications, insights and scientific articles on ocean related issues.


Ocean Tales

A concentration of up-to-date and objective knowledge on various ocean topics such as Blue economy, Marine Pollution, Global Warming and Ocean Literacy. We select scientific articles, news and journal articles to keep our community updated on the latest news on the marine ecosystem.

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Become an Ocean Defender!
One Ocean Foundation has developed with its scientific committee a code of ethics that we invite you to sign. By signing the Charta Smeralda, you commit to protecting the ocean by reducing the environmental impact of your recreational, sporting and professional activities by avoiding damage to marine and coastal environments.
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