Sep 4, 2023
More Birdies Less Plastic: One Ocean Foundation brings sustainability on the golf course
The first initiative linked to the world of golfers to fight marine pollution from plastic litter

On the occasion of the US Kids Venice Open 2023, held from the 17th to the 19th of August, One Ocean Foundation, Sustainability partner of the event, launched More Birdies Less Plastic, the first initiative dedicated to the world of golf that raise awareness among young players on the issue of ocean pollution while having a concrete and measurable impact.

One Ocean Foundations pledged to divert 1kg of plastic from the coast for every birdie scored by the 400 young participants resulting in more than 1.5 tons of waste diverted from entering the ocean. The new initiative links sports and sustainability using sport as a drive for change while raising awareness on ocean issues.

More Birdies Less Plastic follows a virtuous process, through which it is possible to accurately trace the information about the location of the plastic collection. One Ocean Foundation pledges to collect plastic waste by allowing it to be recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle favouring the development of a circular economy.

The initiative is part of the One Ocean Foundation No Plastic in the Ocean environmental project, which has made it possible to collect over 100 tons of plastic waste over the past two years.

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