Oct 18, 2023
One Ocean Foundation partner of the "Ocean Film Festival"
In November 16 italian cities will showcase a selection of short films starring seafaring voyages, extreme watersports and marine conservation

One Ocean Foundation's efforts to raise awareness on the ocean continues through its partnership with Ocean Film Festival Italia; the film festival that brings the ocean to Italian cinemas returns this year with a selection of films that will be screened in 16 cities across the italian peninsula from November 13th to 30th.

10 films, including shorts and medium-length films, showcasing the beauty and power of the ocean through breathtaking cinematography, featuring stunning footage shot both above and under water.

Prepare for a journey of adventure, exploration, encounters with sea creatures, sports, and immersion in coastal cultures!

Check out the full agenda:

13/11/2023 Milano

14/11/2023 Genova

16/11/2023 Torino

20/11/2023 La Spezia / Pesaro

21/11/2023 Cesena / Trieste

22/11/2023 Udine / Roma / Padova / Monza

27/11/2023 Bologna

28/11/2023 Pisa / Bari

29/11/2023 Firenze

30/11/2023 Pavia

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