Dec 1, 2022
One Ocean Foundation presents the DonnAmbiente award
During the One Ocean Summit Young 2022, OOF presented an award to encourage to promote the participation of women in the scientific world

On the occasion of the second edition of the One Ocean Summit Young, hosted the VII edition of the “DonnAmbiente”, award created by 5 Terre Academy and dedicated to the enhancement of women who make scientific and environmental dissemination their work. This year's winner was Federica Gasbarro, biologist, activist, "green influencer" who received the prestigious award for her ability to dialogue with the younger generations, always characterizing her interventions with precise and rigorous scientific information.

“These types of conferences and events are fundamental because we can inspire so many young people to choose to do their part for this planet we call home and for our own survival. Thanks to 5 Terre Academy for the recognition and to One Ocean Foundation for all the wonderful activities it offers to kids” declared excited award winner Gasbarro.

The "DonnAmbiente" Award has among its objectives to actively contribute to breaking down the stereotypes and prejudices that have always distinguished the "Science-Woman" relationship, trying to encourage the participation of women in the scientific activities, research and dissemination in the scientific and environmental fields. Sensitive issues that have also been at the center of the agenda of the European Parliament and Commission for years, which have sponsored the Award since the first edition together with other Italian institutions such as the Ministry of the Environment.

Leonardo D'Imporzano, president of 5 Terre Academy declared : “this year’s the event took place on the international day against women violence. A way therefore to highlight the great contribution of women to whom it is still difficult to guarantee equal opportunities in working sectors still considered strictly male”. The President of One Ocean Foundation, Riccardo Bonadeo underlined this concept: “Women generate life, they have generated the life of each of us, just as the ocean is a source of life for all humanity. We must all defend life together”.

After the award ceremony, five women took the stage in a panel dedicated to"the importance of Citizen Science and the involvement of the new generations" that involved as speakers the scientific journalist Giorgia Bollati, the researcher Laura Basconi, the president of Clima W 7 Martina Rogato and the deputy mayor of Milan Anna Scavuzzo.

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