Apr 3, 2023
Panathlon International and One Ocean Foundation together to safeguard the ocean
On march 24th numerous Sailing Clubs of Tigullio and Genoa subscribed the Charta Smeralda in an event organised by Panathlon International

On March 24, 2023, a meeting organized by Panathlon International and One Ocean Foundation took place at the headquarters of the Panathlon Club Rapallo in Villa Queirolo, to share and promote our principles and actions to protect the ocean. Among others, several sailing clubs from Tigullio and Genoa took part in the event including the local sections of the Navy, which signed the Charta Smeralda.

The project is the result of the collaboration between Panathlon International, an international association for the promotion of culture and ethics in sport, and One Ocean Foundation. Panathlon International has delivered the “Carta Etica” to all signatories of the Charta Smeralda to certify and testify that the subscribers are aware, accept and share both the Charta Smeralda and the founding principles of Panathlon International. The commitment is to collaborate to promote and share the code of ethics with other institutions and organizations, public and private, national and international, and commit to the implementation of concrete actions.

The event was attended by Riccardo Bonadeo, president of One Ocean Foundation, the International Councilors of Panathlon International, from all over the world, the President of the Italy District of PI, the Governor of the Liguria Area, the Ligurian Panathlon Clubs, the President of regional CONI and sports managers as well as friends of One Ocean. The event was also sponsored by the Municipality of Rapallo by virtue of the Administration's commitment to raising awareness for the protection of the territory and by the regional CONI, always sensitive to these issues. It was an important opportunity to spread the principles of safeguarding the seas and oceans, with particular reference to the ethical values of water sports.

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