May 30, 2024
The Blue Forest project lands in Puglia!
One Ocean Foundation's commitment to protecting marine forests extends to Puglia, in the Torre Guaceto Marine Protected Area and Natural Terrestrial Reserve, thanks to the support of Nivea!

Thanks to the support of Nivea, a three-year research program dedicated to the study and protection of Posidonia oceanica forests has been launched in the stunning natural setting of the Torre Guaceto Marine Protected Area and Natural Terrestrial Reserve. The project will rely on the scientific support from the Zoological Station "Anton Dohrn," with the primary objective of identifying and implementing innovative methods for the ecological restoration of this vital marine ecosystem.

The pilot study involves the laying on the seabed of 200 square meters of coconut fiber biomats, on which new Posidonia oceanica seedlings, germinated in the laboratory from seeds collected after flowering, will be planted. This innovative method will be tested to evaluate its effectiveness, with the prospect of extending its use to other marine areas.

The Blue Forest project is not limited to scientific research alone; it also includes communication and awareness initiatives to increase knowledge about the importance of marine forests and the safeguarding of Mediterranean marine biodiversity.

An informative panel was placed in the reserve, illustrating simple behaviours and rules to follow to protect Posidonia oceanica and its habitat. A concrete mark to generate a positive impact that we at One Ocean, together with Nivea, wanted to leave in this highly symbolic place, which was awarded last March as one of the best marine protected areas in Europe and is of considerable ecological importance as it hosts one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea.

The launch event organised by the brand included several activities in the Marine Protected Area, such as a yoga lesson focused on breathing, to raise participants' awareness of the crucial role of Posidonia oceanica, known as the "lung of the Mediterranean Sea". This plant, through photosynthesis, produces large amounts of oxygen, significantly contributing to the oxygenation of both the sea and the atmosphere.

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