Dec 5, 2023
The new review on deep-sea mining has been published!
The new review explores the potential pressures of deep-sea mining on the ocean.

In recent years, the deep-sea mining has garnered heightened attention for its commercial promise, triggered by the increased demand for minerals needed to ensure the transition to renewable energy.

As the International Seabed Authority (ISA) is currently working on finalising the "Mining Code," a set of guidelines for exploring and then exploiting marine minerals in international waters, various stakeholders, including the scientific community, have expressed strong concerns about the potential negative impact of this activity on the health of marine ecosystems.

Deep-sea mining could pose significant threats, risking the destruction of vital habitats for numerous marine organisms. Furthermore, it has a potential to disrupt the crucial process of carbon sequestration in the seafloor.

Presently, deep-sea mining remains a controversial topic, as there is still much uncertainty regarding regulations and consequences. Therefore, continued scientific research is crucial to determine if mining aligns with environmental goals or hinders their progress.

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