Jun 15, 2023
The One Ocean Week ends after coloring the city of Milan in blue
Five days of events, conferences, workshops and performances for the ocean

The second edition of One Ocean Week has ended, an event created with the aim of promoting knowledge and raising awareness of companies, institutions and people on the importance of the sea, the blue economy and the water cycle, confirming Milan as a leading city in sustainability.

The event involved the city in a widespread way in 7 locations with numerous free events open to everyone.

Three are main events on which One Ocean Foundation has chosen to concentrate its energies in this second edition, addressing the theme of sea protection in three macro areas: economic with the first Blue Economy Summit at Bocconi University, scientific, through talks and workshops at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and artistic/cultural, with the evocative closing show held at the Bagni Misteriosi of the Parenti Theater.

Blue Economy Summit

One Ocean Week Milan on June 8th, also known for the celebration of World Oceans Day, with the first Summit on Blue Economy, bringing together experts from different fields to discuss important issues related to the ocean, emphasizing the importance of transforming the economy to protect and improve marine ecosystems while involving companies in this process. It also highlighted the creation of business opportunities that are in harmony with the environment to benefit future generations.

For the first time, the topic of ocean protection were been brought to inside the walls of a Business School, a significant step in spreading environmental awareness and promoting sustainability and which One Ocean Foundation has the ambition to make an annual appointment, which can become a worldwide point of reference, a meeting point for experts, companies and institutions interested in discussing the protection of the oceans.

The event also highlighted an important link between companies that adopt responsible practices to protect the environment and oceans, and the benefits they can derive from it. Companies that are actively committed to environmental stewardship often enjoy increased business opportunities. This is because environmental responsibility has become a factor of competitive differentiation and corporate reputation. Companies that stand out for their commitment to protecting the environment and oceans are often perceived as more authentic, reliable and innovative, acquiring greater trust and loyalty from consumers.


The second event, Watercycle,was held at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and brought togetherexperts in water management and water-tech for a talk on the need to study andimplement better systems to protect water sources and on the It is important touse the latest technologies to facilitate this process.


The One Ocean Week therefore ended with the suggestive show Aquatheatre, created by the Teatro Franco Parenti at the Bagni Misteriosi. A unique show capable of combining dance, poetry and music, taking the audience on a fascinating journey into the world of the ocean and encouraging all viewers to reflect on the beauty, fragility and fundamental role of water in the history of humanity.

Numerous activities were organized in symbolic places in Milan such as the Civic Aquarium and the Natural History Museum and in Via Gesù, The Ocean Street of Milan: exhibitions, book presentations, guided tours and workshops offered participants the opportunity to explore the ocean through a unique and engaging perspective.

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