Jun 11, 2024
The Third Edition of One Ocean Week has successfully concluded
A week of open-air cinema, conferences, educational workshops, and artistic installation dedicated to the Ocean

The third edition of One Ocean Week Milan, held from June 3 to 9, 2024, concluded with great success, involving over 2,000 people. Organized by the One Ocean Foundation, this week of events has solidified Milan as a leading city in sustainability and the promotion of ocean values.

The events, completely free and open to the public, offered a unique opportunity for learning and awareness through conferences, educational workshops, and interactive activities. Eight iconic locations, including Bocconi University, the Darsena, the Triennale, and the Civic Museums, hosted the events, becoming symbols of a collective commitment to a more sustainable future.

The highlight of the week was the Blue Economy Summit, held on June 4 in the Aula Magna of Bocconi University, now in its second edition. The event brought together international leaders and experts to discuss current challenges and innovative strategies for a sustainable blue economy. A high-level debate provided important insights into the relationship between businesses and ocean sustainability, highlighting how the Blue Economy can promote sustainable economic growth and the crucial role that industries, including those in Italy, can play in the protection and conservation of marine ecosystems. Among the speakers, Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Ralph Chami, and Carlos Duarte offered valuable perspectives on environmental policies and blue natural capital. Additional speakers included Minna Epps, Mere Takoko, Sylvie Goulard, and Vincent Doumeizel, who presented the Italian edition of his book for the first time at the Centrale dell’Acqua the same day.

The Triennale di Milano hosted the artistic performance "Neptune’s Abyss" by Yu Linn Humm, an event that explored the connection between humanity and the ocean through music and immersive images. During the evening, the short film "Posidonia oceanica: A Hope for the Mediterranean," part of the Blue Forest marine reforestation project, was also screened.

The Civic Aquarium and the Natural History Museum offered a series of educational activities for young people and families, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of the ocean and the water cycle. The artistic installation “Nell’Oceano di Tethys” by Louise Manzon, hosted at the Civic Aquarium, further emphasized environmental imperatives through evocative works.

Finally, the Darsena, transformed into a water theater, was hosted by Anna Favella, who presented a series of open-air cinema events and discussions about the ocean. The evenings, organized in collaboration with the Cineteca di Milano, Ocean Film Festival, and Riviera International Film Festival, offered thematic screenings and engaging debates with athletes such as Roberto d’Amico, Federico Michetti, Davide Carrera, and Mike Maric, and people from the world of cinema and literature, including Stefano Gallini-Durante, founder of RIFF, Alberto Coretti, founder of Sirene Journal, Morgan Bertacca, movie director and Matteo Pavesi, director of Cineteca di Milano.

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