May 10, 2024
Our ambassador Ambrogio Beccaria wins the Transat CIC
The oceanic sailor and One Ocean Foundation’s ambassador Ambrogio Beccaria has won in the Class40 category of the Transat CIC, a transatlantic solo race from Lorient to New York, the successor of the historic Ostar

Ambrogio crossed the finish line at 5:47 (Italian time) today, May 10, 2024, after 11 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes and 55 seconds at sea and with an effective average speed of 11.70 knots. Throughout the crossing, Beccaria never lost the lead of the fleet and conquered the first place halfway through the race, maintaining it until the end, except for a few brief moments when the tracking showed his friend and rival Ian Lipisnski closer to the theoretical route to the finish line. Facing adverse weather and cold temperatures typical of the North Atlantic, amidst waves, 40-knot winds, and contrary currents, the Italian skipper proved himself strategically strong and his boat "Alla Grande – Pirelli," a latest generation Class 40, demonstrated incredible speed and top-level performance.

"This has been the race of my dreams, everything went exactly as I hoped… I knew it would be full of challenges and I wanted to approach it with the right spirit. I never lost hope and gave everything I had," commented "Bogi" still on board.

In addition to winning two Transat races in 6 months, our ambassador found time to engage in activities for marine conservation. After the success of the More Miles Less Plastic project, collecting over 5 tons of plastic from the coasts, equivalent to the nautical miles covered in the Transat Jacques Vabre last November, on this occasion the oceanographer Sandro Carniel, a member of the Foundation’s Scientific Committee, shared video contents on some of the main critical issues that characterize the North Atlantic ocean.

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